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As we say in Finland: Vittuilu on välittämistä. It translates roughly to "Banter is caring". That is why we thought to provide something for everyone to enjoy: we will send a "Fuck you" letter to your mate, your greatest enemy, a sibling, a boss or whoever you think deserves it. They'll never know what hit them.

On the outside our message looks like an official bill or bureaucratic letter. But the paper inside is really a surprisingly thought provoking message, that will surely surprise and stir some emotions: Hi XXXX, Fuck you. Sincerely, XXXX.

Only thing you need to do is to fill a form, where you type in the recipient's name, address, and choose if you want to send it with your name or anonymously. Then we send the personal Fuck You straight to its destination.

First batch of letters has been sent!

Depending on the country, the letters will arrive in a couple of weeks! If you get a chance to record the reaction to opening our letters, we would be willing to see them. You can send reactions and any kind of feedback to, we will answer each and everyone of your messages.

Send a personal and a tongue-in-cheek message

We will print out and send a letter to anywhere in the world. The letter will have an official look, but a simple and yet so funny "Fuck you" -message inside. Send it to amuse, confuse or irritate the receiver.

Anonymously or with regards

You can choose to send your "Fuck you" -message completely anonymously or with "Sincerely yours, XXXX", whichever you prefer. We will not give your info to anyone if you don't want to.

A quality gift to remember

We will send the letter with high quality paper and print, the highest quality of Fuck You imaginable. Mission is that the recipients gets a message which will last with them a long time.


Multiple reasons. To show some love and care. To show some spite towards someone. To confuse or irritate someone.

Anywhere in the world.

$4.99 with PayPal. Anywhere to the world.

Contact us and we will see what we can do.

If you want do the same thing we do, you’ll need to:

Make a nice note
Print it in high quality to high quality paper
Buy letters and stamps
Post it yourself

We will make it hassle free, probably cheaper, better quality and if you need, we will ensure your anonymity.

Pay with PayPal

Send a Fuck you

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Amount: $4.99

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