Terms & Conditions

Sincerely, Fuck you -website sends personalized letters to addresses which are specified by the customers. The validity of information which is given via order form is the customer's responsibility. Sincerely, Fuck you -website doesn't have any obligations to compensate any transactions due to customer's errors.

It is customer's responsibility to use the website's service legally and with proper caution. The website and the people behind it are not liable for any misuse by the customers.

Sincerely, Fuck you -website collects information about the users only to offer their services. Information includes recipient's name, address, zip code, city and country and email of the customer. Other information is collected by PayPal, which Sincerely, Fuck you -website doesn't collect. We are not responsible for third party terms and conditions, their own apply where  applicable.

The website and intellectual property attached to the Sincerely, Fuck you -brand is the property of the maker behind the website.